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Striped Trousers

Men's green/blue and black striped trousers


Regal Dame Costume

Blue and Gold bustier with cape


Dark Mysterious cloak

Medieval brown cowl with hood


Comedy King

Men's period yellow pantaloons, red tail coat, blue cummerbund and neckerchief


Fleshcreep tailcoat

Men's shimmering green costume with layered-leaf effect tailcoat.


Comic police uniform

Men's comedic blue uniform with yellow "cycling proficiency" sash


Comic pantaloon costume

Men's Tudor/Elizabethan style costume includes pantaloons, jacket, ruff and hat. Colours black, white, blue


Prince Charming in gold

Men's Regency style Prince Charming suit in gold with purple knickerbockers


Over-sized Sheep Pyjamas

Men's XL pale blue pyjamas with sheep pattern


Hemnchman suit

Men's black faux leather armour with silver studs


Comic Sailor suit

Men's comedic sailor costume, jacket, waistcoat and trousers, blue, red, white


Prince in red and gold

Men's Prince/Page Costume in red and gold. Jacket and pantaloons.


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