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Strawberry Sundae Wig

Strawberry sundae ice cream wig, cream faux hair, appliqué strawberry and straw


Black 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Updo Wig

Exaggerated 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' updo wig with pearls.


Wig with crown

Medieval style Queen wig with crown


Evil horned wig

Evil Queen/Fairy wig, black hair, red horns


Comedic Pink Wig

Women's comedic pink wig with sleep mask and blue bows


Judge wig

Unisex, 17th century style, white faux powdered wig


Pink Pom Pom Wig

Dame, orange pom pom wig,


Turban hat/wig with ponytail

Turban/twisted hair towel hat/wig, red curly ponytail, rollers


Ice cream Pompadour Wig

Comedic ice cream pompadour wig, yellow, green and pink


Turban hat/wig shorter

Turban/twisted hair towel hat/wig, red curly hair, rollers


Orange Dame Wig

Orange Dame wig with buns


Sarah the Cook Hat and Wig

Dames 'Cook' Wig with integral hat and decoration


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