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This impressive life sized Camel puppet was featured in a pantomime production of Aladdin. The camel puppet is manipulated by the actor/puppeteer whilst appearing to ride on the back of the camel. The actor/puppeteer stands through an opening in the camels back and holds on to rod reins which are connected to the head of the camel. The actor/puppeteer can the manipulate and steer the head using the reins. The body of the camel is held up with black straps that the actor/puppeteer wears over the shoulders like a pair of braces.The braces can be hidden by adding a costume coat or jacket over the top. The front legs of the camel hang down from its chest and move as the head of the moves. The actor/puppeteer's legs make the back legs of the camel. The reins are dressed with colourful brocade trim and there is a colourful fabric blanket across the camels back with a pair of false legs. The rear of the camel has a cute tail made of beige faux fur. Beautifully constructed with a coat of beige faux fur, this magnificent beast would make a hilarious addition to any comedic pantomime desert scene. There is a water tank concealed in the body, which can be filled, allowing the camel to 'spit' when the operator depress a button concealed in the reigns. One size, Universal, U. Tights stage blacks and models shoes not included.
Supplied by: The Big Tiny
Trader The Big Tiny
Model Ian Hayles
Genre Pantomime
Item Type Puppets
Colour brown, purple
Collection Aladdin

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