Genie Modern Style Shell Suit. Noel Gallagher.


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Groovy genie costume, comprises a modern day hooded jacket top and matching bottoms. The outfit is made from shiny, metallic turquoise fabric. The jacket top has a built in hood, lined with shiny metallic silver lining. It has a zip up front and large, silver sequinned pockets with black sequin trim on the pocket tabs. There are black chord draw strings at the bottom of the jacket top to adjust the size. The jacket is worn with a pair of bottoms in matching shiny, metallic turquoise fabric. This costume was featured in the walk down of a pantomime production of Aladdin. Shoes not included. Small-Medium, S-M
Supplied by: The Big Tiny
Trader The Big Tiny
Model Nancy Penvose
Persona Women
Genre Pantomime
Item Type Suits
Collection Aladdin
Colour blue, silver
Size Small, S, Medium, M

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