Dame's Cupcake Costume


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Just getting a cake on? You will be with this brilliant visual gag of a costume. Your dame is bound to be more than sweet enough in this foam bodied skirt in multicoloured vinyl with pretty pink frosting traveling up the asymmetric bodice up to a single arm covered with multicolour sprinkles style fabric. The other arm and exposed body parts are covered with a nude illusion body suit to complete the cupcake costumes cheeky ensemble. Very simple to use for a quick change, just step in, zip up the back and affix a couple of poppers on the icing and you're good to go. Just mind that you don't get a soggy bottom! Small-Medium, S-M. Wig, tights and boots not included.
Supplied by: The Big Tiny
Trader The Big Tiny
Persona Men
Genre Pantomime
Character Dame
Item Type Costumes
Model Will Cousins
Colour Multicolour, Multicoloured, White, Pink
Size Medium, Small, M, S

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