Rustic Waistcoat and Shorts


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Fantastical forest costume made from painted faux leather and patterned and painted fabric. Would suit any Forest Spirit or Fairy (The Perfect Puck) A rustic waistcoat with a predominantly green and red front and bright red silky back, oversize buttons both on the facing and on the pocket flaps and waistcoat back. Oversized hand stitched effect in faux leather suggests a size even smaller than that in real life (perfect for Borrowers). Matching shorts have a large turn up in a more muted multicolour tone that compliments the top without overshadowing it. Size 6-8. waistcoat,juvenile,hotmpants
Supplied by: The Big Tiny
Trader The Big Tiny
Persona Women
Genre Pantomime
Item Type Jackets
Colour green, red, multicolour
Collection Babes in the Wood, Robin Hood, Rumplestiltskin, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Hansel and Gretel

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