The Smart Catalogue

Find the perfect costume, theatre set or prop for your production

The catalogue has everything you need with no limits on genre, period, gender, size or character. And the search capabilities mean that you can find them in a snap! The intelligent search algorithm gives you the flexibility to search the way you want.

From princess to tin man in seconds flat.

Everything organised by the categories you're looking for.
Quickly home in on the items you need with the preset categories. Use the checkbox list to filter the list by groups such as genre, stock character, period, gender or size for real-time search results matching your selection.
Refine your results with the intelligent search bar
Find all you need with the intelligent search bar. Simply enter your own keywords into the search bar and go. Our search engine uses a flexible and powerful user-focued engine for lightening fast results.
Filter by availability
By choosing the date range of your production, the search engine will automatically filter results to include only items that will be available for you. Once booked through the platform, you have assurance that you will receive the items in time for your production.
Prioritise your favourites
Search for items in the catalogue that are prioritised by contributors that you have rated highly before building stronger bridges between you and your partners in the community.