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Rod Puppet Plane

Cartoon aeroplane mounted on a rod.


Camel Costume

Life size Camel puppet. Puppeteer manipulates the puppet whilst wearing the costume. 'Spitting' function. Camel coloured faux fur. False legs.


Peddler's Staff

Peddler's staff adorned with new lamps for old


Skull Staff

Evil Staff adorned with a skull


Top Loading Washing Machine Prop

Comical 'Wash - O Deluxe' prop washing machine.


Gold Column

Mysterious column/plinth.


Red Side Table

Red side table. Working drawer.


Gold Coffee Pot

Gold coffee pot or lamp.


Treasure Trove

Treasure truck prop.


Quirky Chinese inspired Jacket and skirt

Women's blue jacket and overskirt in dark blue and brocade


Genie Modern Style Shell Suit. Noel Gallagher.

Genie costume. Long sleeved hooded jacket top in metallic turquoise fabric and matching metallic turquoise bottoms. Large sequinned silver pocket. Metallic silver lined hood.


Green wrap around Top/jacket

Dark green top with long sleeves.


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