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Floor mop.


Journeymans Bundle

Red and white polka dot bundle on a stick.


Ship's Wheel

Practical cartoon effect ship's wheel


Sarah the Cook Hat and Wig

Dames 'Cook' Wig with integral hat and decoration


Antique style comedy safe

Acme practical safe in green.


Giant Rat

Giant Rat puppet with movable jaw and glowing eyes.


Barrel flats

Two sets of flats showing multiple barrels


Cash Register

Old fashioned 'Acme' shop cash register in silver. Dimensions?


Treasure Chest with hidden treasure

Wooden pirate treasure chest containing loot.


Ornemental Tall Plant Stand

Ornamental tall table/plant stand in painted grey wood. 103cm's tall


Treasure Trove

Treasure truck prop.


Ghost Gag Bench

Simple wooden Bench


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